• Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, Annual Summit 2018

  • Nobel Prize Wole Soyinka, Annual Summit 2018

  • Sandra Aguebor, Founder, Lady Mechanics Initiative
    Hafsat Abiola, President, Women in Africa

  • Fatou Khoule & Amy Sarr Fall, WIA Regional Summit, Dakar

  • WIA 54 Entrepreneurs, Macaal, 2018

  • Stéphane Richard, CEO, Orange, Annual Summit 2018

  • Germaine Acogny, Seynabou Dia, Annual Summit 2017

  • Bolewa Sabourin, Hassan Ba, Souleymane Khol, Annual Summit 2018

  • Solange Rockhaya Mbengue Ndir, WIA Ambassador, Senegal

  • Isabelle Kocher, CEO, Engie, Annual Summit 2017

  • Participants attending WIA Masterclass

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